Heducare Preschool colourfully celebrated Eid al Fitr 1433

Heducare Preschool had conducted special programmes to mark the Eid al Fitr 1433. The celebrations began with “Eid Salaam” programme  which was held at 9:00 am on 19 August 2012 at Heducare preschool where students and their parents shook hands with the teachers and gave greeting cards to the teachers. Teachers gave a gift and a small Eid greeting card to every student of the school. Sports and Games for children were conducted at Gaaf Dhaal Hoadedhdhoo football ground at 4:45pm on 19 July 2012 .Children participated in games such as relay race, Baloon bursting, musical chair  etc. Continue reading

Heducare Project – Upgrading Heducare Preschool and Start of Heducare Training Centre

Huvadhoo Aid volunteers had begun the work of upgrading Heducare preschool and simultaneously Heducare Training centre is preparing to start the courses. Heducare Preschool and Heducare Training Centre are the two major components of Heducare Project which had been launched in the Annual General Meeting 2011

The work of constructing the boundary walls and developing the outdoor facilities of Heducare preschool  is progressing. So far the concrete foundation for the outer wall had been completed and will start the mason works by next week. The coconut trees in the compound had been cut and the compound is cleaned and prepared for developing the outdoor facilities which are necessary for a modern preschool.

Certificate 1 in Information Technology course which is targeted to the students and youth of Hoadedhdhoo is scheduled to start on April. This course will be conducted in affiliation with Huvadhoo Information Technology Centre, Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo.  So far forty application forms are being received for this course.

Eid Al Luha 1432 Celebrations

Eid Al Luha (Bodu Eid) was colourfully celebrated in Hoadedhdhoo. The events were organized by the coordination committee selected from all participating organisations. The orgaanisations were Huvadhoo Aid, Hoadedhdhoo Isand Development Society, Katolla Initiative, Sports Association of Hoadehdhoo, Football Association of Hoadedhdhoo and Katolla Boduberu Group. The chairman of the coordination committee was Mr. Hussain Fayaz from Huvadhoo Aid. The coordination committee scheduled the events planned by each organization and co-ordinated the events. Events include Womens, Football Match, Men’s Football Match, Women’s Volleyball match, Men’s volleyball match, and Street games, Baibalaa, Goanibe, Mas Race and Children’s Evening. Huvadhoo Aid organized “Mas Race”, a fishing game which is conducted every year since 2009. Mas Race was sponsored by Ratufihaara , a retail shop in Hoadedhdhoo. There are three categories in Mas Race, Dhoani category, Dinghy category and Jetty category for kids. Champion team of each category, the heaviest fish of each category, highest catch of each category were given cash prizes and prizes given by Ratufihaara. Eid Celebrations had enhanced NGOs to work more collaboratively.

Heducare Preschool General Parents Meeting 2

The second General Parents Meeting of Heducare Preschool had been held. The meeting was held at Huvadhoo Aid seminar room. The main aim of the meeting was to brief the parents about the Graduation of UKG students and inform parents about situation of the classes. In addition Head of School Ahmed Ameez highlighted the areas where parents need to pay more consideration such as the attendance, reporting the teachers if the students are absent for more than two days and also not to send the students to the school if they are sick. He also gave the information on the plans of the upcoming year. Parents were given opportunity to give suggestions and ask questions. Head of School and Teachers answered to the questions asked by the parents.

Heducare Preschool conducted special programmes to mark Fithr Eid 2011

Heducare preschool had conducted special programmes to mark the Fithr Eid. Special “Eid Salaam” programme was held at 10:00 am on 30 August 2011 at Heducare preschool where students of the school shook hands with teachers and gave greeting cards to the teachers. Teachers gave a gift to every student of the school. Children’s evening was held at 4:00 pm at the playground of Hoandedhdhoo School. The evening includes different games, talent show, photo studio and dances. Heducare preschool is the largest preschool in the island with classes from baby nursery to UKG and it is also one of the best preschool in the atoll.

Huvadhoo Aid started assisting in the administrative process of Farmer’s subsidy given by Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture

Providing subsidies to registered farmers in the islands by Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture involves filling the application form for subsidy , attest it from the secretariat of island councils and go to Ministry of fisheries and agriculture to take the subsidy vouchers. If the farmer can not go personally to the ministry a Referrer can go on behalf of the farmer with a letter from the farmer, Farmer’s Identity Card Copy. We believe that it will be difficult for the farmers living in the remote islands to complete this process especially people who can not go to Male’. For the prime motive of assisting farmers Huvadhoo Aid had started assisting the farmers in the administrative process of sending Referrers to the ministry.Farmers who wish to get assistance from HAD can visit our Administrative office and our volunteers will do the process. So far number of farmers had brought their subsidy forms and for taking the vouchers on behalf of them. Huvadhoo Aid is bearing all the stationary costs, printing expenses incurred in the process.

Huvadhoo Aid signed MOU with Sports Assocation of Hoadedhdhoo

Huvadhoo Aid had signed  a memorandum of understanding with Sports Association of Hoadedhdhoo (SAH)to assist SAH financially  for participatingin NASTHA FUTSAL CUP held in Thinadhoo. Assistant Executive Director Mr Ahmed Ameez signed the MOU on behalf of Huvadhoo Aid and Acting Vice Chairperson Mr. Mohamed Ayaz signed on behalf of SAH. Members of Huvadhoo Aid, SAH Board members and players of the team were presented in the ceremony held at Vaaruge cafe. Sports Association of Hoadedhdhoo is participating in the tournament as “Hoadedhoo Football Club” and it is the only team participated from islands other than the host island Thinadhoo.

Huvadhoo Aid had also assisted Sports Association in the Football coaching camp conducted in Hoadedhdhoo in 2010 by providing a UK football coach to Sports Association of Hoadedhdhoo.

Commencement of Heducare Preschool

Heducare Preschool has started on 17 July 2011 with a red carpet welcome to the first batch of students. Speciall assembly was held in both the sessions. Head of  Heducare Preschool Mr. Ahmed Ameez spoke in the assembly held in the first session. He noted that the opening of Heducare Preschool is an important day in the history of Hoadedhdhoo. He also highlighted that Heducare Preschool is the first preschool  in Hoadedhdhoo to run in a systametic way with classes from Baby Nursery to U.K.G and said that the school will always work to improve the quality of Education given to the students with modern facilities and training the staff.

Head of School of Hoadedhdhoo School Mr. Midhuhathulla Abdul Azeez attended as the chief guest in the second session assembly and some teachers of Hoadedhdhoo School also attended the assembly. He spoke on importance of preschool education and the role of parents in education especially early childhood education . He advised the parents not to leave the full responsibilty to the teachers since students spend more time at home than at school. Three preschool teachers and one teaching assistant are employed to teach 4 classes. The classes are scheduled in two sessions.

Empowering Youth Human Rights NGOs Workshop held in Fuvahmulah

Huvadhoo Aid had conducted a workshop in Fuvamulah under the Empowering Youth human Rights NGOs project which is funded by AusAid. The workshop was targeted to the NGO Leaders and youth of Fuamula. Sessions on Introduction to human rights, chapter two of the constitution, NGOs role in ensuring human rights and proposal writing were conducted Huvadhoo Aid had already conducted this workshop in various islands of Huvadhoo Atoll. Sessions were facilitaed by Huvadhoo Aid’s Executive Director Mr. Imad Mohamed

Partnership agreement signed between Huvadhoo Aid and four local farmers to develop HAD CROP

A partnership agreement has been signed between Huvadhoo Aid and four local farmers to develop HAD CROP, the agricultural farm of HED Maldives Co-operative Society. HED Maldives co-operative society is the business wing of Huvadhoo Aid. Under the agreement Huvadhoo Aid will develop all the infrastructure facilities and provide fertilizers and pesticides on credit basis through the retail shop of Huvadhoo Aid. In addition the financial book keeping and other administrative matters will be handled by Huvadhoo Aid. This is a step taken ahead in the Community partnership programme . Under the partnership Huvadhoo Aid is entitled to get 15% of profit and partners are entitled to get 85% profit which will be equally divided among the four partners. Huvadhoo Aid’s Executive director Mr. Imad Mohamed signed the agreement on behalf of Huvadhoo Aid