Visited Thinadhoo and Madaveli to collect information for Research on Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Preparedness in Huvadhoo Atoll

Huvadhoo Aid continued to investigate climate change vulnerability and adaptation preparedness in the Huvadhoo Atoll by visiting the islands of Thinadhoo and Madeveli, with the assistance from an international volunteer from the United Kingdom. At Thinadhoo, members of the island council were interviewed, and one member of the atoll council was also spoken with. Continue reading

Huadhoo Aid has started a Research on Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Preparedness in Huvadhoo Atoll

Over the weekend, Huvadhoo Aid embarked on journey to investigate climate change vulnerability and adaptation preparedness in the Huvadhoo Atoll, with assistance from international volunteer from United Kingdom. The islands of Nadella and Faaresmathoda were visited and focus group interviews were held. Climate change is a major issue throughout the Maldives, with rising sea levels, unpredictable weather patterns and flooding (often worsened by an increase in human infrastructure) all causing significant problems to local communities. Continue reading

tvebiomovies 2012 – environmental film competition

Now in its third year, tvebiomovies is a film competition open to anyone aged from 9 to 99 around the world with access to a camera. With prize money of $1500 and the chance to have a film screened at the UN COP18 Conference in Qatar, this is a truly global environmental film contest.

Entering is very simple. Visit the tvebiomovies website – – and  choose one of the 5 categories. Each category covers a key environmental issue;  rivers, oceans, women and climate change, recycling or sustainable living. Think about how you would tackle this issue through film. Then tell us your ideas! Simply complete the online application form with details of your film proposal. Continue reading

Three members of Huvadhoo Aid participate in the South Asian Youth Summit on Climate Change (27-30 October 2010 – Colombo)

Three members of the Huvadhoo Aid, including the Executive Director, Imad Mohamed participated in the three-day “South Asian Youth Summit on Climate Change 2010 (SAYSoCC10)” held on 27-30th October 2010 in Colombo. The summit was organized by the regional network of South Asian climate organizations.

Five Maldivian delegates attended the summit as a member of local NGO, Maldivian Youth Climate Network (MYCN), since MYCN represents Maldives at the summit.

The summit was ended on 30th October 2010 with cooperative step against the various climate change issues faced by South Asia. Maldives would benefit from the summit as information and experiences were shared by the youth from different countries.

The South Asian Youth Summit on Climate Change (SAYSoCC) is a platform that aims to bring together young people from across South Asia in contributing all that they can to the collective global effort to redress the climate crisis and environmental degradation. SAYSoCC is a joint-project of the South Asian Youth Climate Movement (SAYCM), which is a consortium of youth-driven organizations in South Asia that work to address climate change and other environmental issues in the region. Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka are the eight nations that will be working on this endeavor.

South Huvadhoo Boat Conference on Environment and Climate change 10-10-10, Hoadedhdhoo

Huvadhoo Aid conducted ‘South Huvadhoo Boat Conference on Environment and Climate Change’. The conference was held at Hoadedhdhoo Lagoon in small boats. The conference was inaugurated by the Deputy State Minister Upper South Province Mr. Mohamed Shareef. G.Dh Atoll councilor Mr. Mohamed Hassan Didi also participated in the conference. Three papers were discussed in the conference. The papers were role of citizens in protecting environment, role of NGOs in protecting environment and role of government in protecting environment. The conference was winded up by signing the resolution which included 10 demands to the government and international community. The resolution will be presented to the South Asian Youth Summit on Climate change to be held in Colombo later this month. Three members of Huvadhoo Aid will participate in this summit.

South Huvadhoo Boat Conference on Environment and Climate change

Huvadhoo Aid will organize a ‘South Huvadhoo Boat Conference on Environment and Climate Change’ in South Huvadhoo Atoll of Maldives, on 10/10/10 where representatives from community based non governmental organisations, politicians and community groups will participate in the conference by 10 small boats. The idea is to depict the vulnerability of the people in Maldives due to sea-level rise and to generate solidarity for climate justice. 10 NGO leaders, 10 Political leaders or officials, 10 Teachers, 10 Students, and 10 Farmers will attend Conference. The draft declaration will be submitted to the conference setting up the 10 demands to the government and the world for solving the above problems and discussion will take place on saving the vulnerable people and to saving their future. The declaration will be endorsed by the presence audiences and will be shared with the Governments and world leaders and others across the world through the website. 70 people will directly participate in the Boat Conference on 10/10/10. This multi-stakeholder conference will provide space for the community voice and also strengthen community through the solidarity from every level of the societies. More than 2000 thousand community people will receive key messages about the 10/10/10 actions for a safe climate future in Maldives through website, posters, press, etc. More than 5,000 people will indirectly aware about the actions towards through newspapers, website, blogs and group emails.                                                       

Apply Before  09 October 2010 6:00pm

  • Go to announcement portal to download the application form
  • Send your Applications to  Huvadhoo Aid  Project Implementation Unit or email to

South Asian civil society activists ask governments to establish disaster relief fund to provide help to Pakistani people

Civil society activists of all the eight countries of South Asia here on 6th September2010, demand their respective governments to establish a disaster relief fund to provide help to flood-hit Pakistani people.

Address a joint press conference at a hotel in Kathmandu the human rights and peace activists deplored the response of South Asian countries towards flood disaster of Pakistan was very disappointing. They also demanded the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) to activate its mechanisms like SAARC Food Bank and SAARC Disaster Management Centre. Continue reading

Press Statement on Political Unrest in the Maldives

This Press Statement is issued by the following civil society organizations:-

Madulu, Maldivian Democracy Network, Huvadhoo Aid, Transparency Maldives, Maldives Youth Action Network, HAND and Democracy House.

We, as organizations of the Maldives Civil Society, categorically denounce the undemocratic actions of the three Powers of the State: the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary, at a time when democracy is in its infant stages in the Maldives. We believe recent political and civil unrest is a consequence of these three arms of the State disregarding the spirit of the Maldivian Constitution. We believe a culture of manipulation of the Law to infringe upon the rights of one another has developed and that the three arms of the State have failed to give each other due respect.

At the same time, other concerned State institutions have failed to give due regard to the current situation and acted irresponsibly, thereby increasing the challenges faced by the nation. Continue reading

South Huvadhoo Civil Society dialogue on Environment and Climate Change

Huvadhoo Aid is organsing an atoll level environment forum to be held on 5th June 2010 in Hoadedhdhoo to mark the international environment day.

 “The South Huvadhoo Civil Society Dialogue on Environment and Climate change” intends to enhance and empower the civil society activists to take the initiative to protect the environment and fight against climate change at individual and organizational level. We believe that every one of us have to take the initiative to see positive change of greening the globe. After all be the change you want to see in the world. Members from NGOs in South Huvadhoo atoll can participate by filling the application form whilst officials from government institutions can participate as observers. Send the filled application forms on or before 3 June 2010 4:00pm. If you want to fax please send to 6840015 and if you want to email send in pdf format to For further inquiries contact Ahmed Ameez 7972841 , Hussain Fayaz 7932325

(Application form)


Go Hoadedhdhoo Friendship Camp 2010

Hoadedhdhoo Assocciation for Dvelopment had conducted “Go Hoadedhdhoo Fiendship Camp” in association with Maldives Youth Action Network form 16 – 17 April 2010. The camp intended to bring the NGOs based in Huvadhoo Atoll to a common platform and share each other’s knowledge and experience to bring a positive change to our communities. In addition it aimed to boost the capacity of NGOs through capacity building sessions and aware youth leaders on environment and climate change
The camp was inaugurated by the Vice president of the Maldives Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik. He highlighted that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders and it is important to empower and build a healthy youth and more programs should be conducted to the youth by the NGOs. Deputy State Minister of Home affairs Mr. Mohamed Shareef also spoke in the briefing session of the camp and said that he hope that the camp would enhance a resolution on challenges to youth and others challenges to the islands and that resolution would be sent to the Upper South Province Office.
Two NGOs from Hoadedhdhdoo, Hoadedhdhoo School, Hoadedhdhoo Health Centre, two NGOs from Thinadhoo, Thinadhoo Police Satiation and two NGOs from Nadella participated which totaled to 40 participants. Sessions on environment, Police business plan, Strategic Planning and Proposal Writing were conducted. Apart from these sessions a night fishing trip and volleyball match between participants from other islands and participants from Hoadedhdhoo was an important part of the Camp.
The most important part of the camp was the Youth Forum which was a summarized views and suggestions on all the challenges and problem discussed in previous sessions taken. Main areas discussed in the Youth Forum were environmental problems, police Service, Challenges to Youth in Upper South Province and challenges to free and fair elections.
The suggestions and views will be formulated as a resolution and will be sent to the respective government offices. After the forum certificates were given to the participants and HAD’s Executive Director Mr. Imad Mohamed thanked all the participants and specially the organizing partners.