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Madical Volunteer – Rosh’s Experience in Maldives


During my time volunteering for Huvadhoo aid I feel like I gained a new insight for working abroad and working outside of the NHS. Although spending time in the local hospital was a valuable experience I felt the most valuable was giving health care presentations to the local children on subjects such as germs and blood pressure. Continue reading

Marie’s experience volunteering in the Heducare Pre-School

During my time within Hoadedhdhoo I was given the opportunity to work within the pre-school as part of their English Language Enrichment programme. As part of this programme I spent time within all classes in the school including baby nursery, Nursery A & B, LKG and UKG working on their English speaking. The sessions were devised around the class themes of that week and included subjects such as shapes, personal hygiene, animals that live in the sea, air and on land, flowers, trees plus a number of other areas. Working with the children has been a great and fulfilling experience, seeing the development in their English and their interactions with me throughout my time in the school made it a worthwhile time.


Initially, the children were very new to interacting with someone that didn’t speak their language so were very quiet and shy, however as the weeks developed so did there confidence and soon the children were shouting my name as I walked around the island and interacting more openly with me in lessons. Continue reading

Testimonial from Mr. Bechir Talbi

TashirOn May 2009, I responded to an advert issued by “Hoadedhoo Association for Development” (now Huvadhoo Aid) with a view to fill a position that consisted of teaching English to adults and carrying out some administrative duties at the headquarters of the association in G. Dh Hoadedhoo.

Being granted the position, I arrived in Male’ on November 7th, 2009. I recall that it was a rainy day and the airport was flagged by Maldivian red and green flags. I was welcomed by Huvadhoo Aid and really we didn’t have any problem meeting through the crowd of tourists and travelers. After being introduced to many friends in Male’ and having some “roshi massoni” (a delicious Maldivian meal made of bread and tuna fish) I joined Huvadhoo Association for National Development (HAND) in G. Dh Thinadhoo. Continue reading

Huvadhoo Aid visited Thinadhoo and Madaveli as Part the South Huvadhoo Drug Prevention Network formulation process

In continuation of the current research on drugs prevention within the South Huvadhoo Atoll , members of Huvadhoo Aid convoy with British Volunteer spent two days in Madaveli and Thinadhoo to explore the areas of drug prevention within these islands. The visit included one to one meetings with members, focus groups as well as a workshop in Madaveli School. The exploration in the two islands provided a greater understanding of the problem as it currently stands and the actions that are being taken to work towards preventing these problems. Continue reading

Visited Thinadhoo and Madaveli to collect information for Research on Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Preparedness in Huvadhoo Atoll

Huvadhoo Aid continued to investigate climate change vulnerability and adaptation preparedness in the Huvadhoo Atoll by visiting the islands of Thinadhoo and Madeveli, with the assistance from an international volunteer from the United Kingdom. At Thinadhoo, members of the island council were interviewed, and one member of the atoll council was also spoken with. Continue reading

Huadhoo Aid has started a Research on Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Preparedness in Huvadhoo Atoll

Over the weekend, Huvadhoo Aid embarked on journey to investigate climate change vulnerability and adaptation preparedness in the Huvadhoo Atoll, with assistance from international volunteer from United Kingdom. The islands of Nadella and Faaresmathoda were visited and focus group interviews were held. Climate change is a major issue throughout the Maldives, with rising sea levels, unpredictable weather patterns and flooding (often worsened by an increase in human infrastructure) all causing significant problems to local communities. Continue reading

Action Plan of South Huvadhoo Drug Prevention Network is underway

Members of Huvadhoo Aid spent two days visiting a number of NGO’s within the South Huvadhoo Atoll to explore the areas of drug prevention within their islands. The representatives of Huvadhoo Aid travelled to Nadella, Fiyory and Fares Maathoda meeting with NGO members and leaders to learn more about their experience of these issues. The visits included one to one meetings and focus groups with NGO members/leaders as well as workshops in Nadella and Fares Maathoda. The aim of the research was to assess the issue as it currently stands within these islands and the ways in which the NGO’s can work to target and combat the problems surrounding drug use. Continue reading

Huvadhoo Aid Launched My Climate Justice Career – By: Leah R. Malone, M.S.

My collaborative partnership with Huvadhoo Aid began in 2009 working as an International Consultant.  I intensively studied the Maldives in my global affairs Master’s thesis, so transforming my initial volunteer position into working for Huvadhoo Aid (HAD) was an extraordinary opportunity.  I quickly discovered they exemplify the innovative approach taken by youth-led NGOs nationwide; holistically leveraging peacebuilding, human rights, sustainable development, environmental conservation, as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation tools. They are also incredibly successful because they blend tireless professionalism and caring for each other like a family to achieve their mission.  Over the past 3 years I have seen HAD exceed their mission; growing from a nationally lauded community-based organization, to regional NGO, and now they provide capacity building assistance to organizations nationwide. Continue reading