JOCV Volunteer arrives on Hoadedhdhoo


Earlier this week, Koji joined Huvadhoo Aid in the capacity of agriculture consultant. Originally from Japan, Koji has previously spent around a year in Fuvamulah in a similar role. He will be staying in Hoadedhdhoo for 6 months, during which time he will mainly be working alongside local farmers to help them maximise their yields and develop better farming practises. This work will mostly be done through surveying, using his own insight along with interviews with local farmers, and will culminate in a comprehensive report and a workshop to which all farmers on the island will be invited. Other duties include providing information at the office and taking orders from farmers for supplies, conducting agriculture classes at Hoan’dedhdhoo school, working administration at the office, and operating a Japanese language course for any interested local people. We wish Koji the best of luck on his placement, and are sure he will be of great benefit to the community.

South Huvadhoo Youth Camp 2012 – Keramiththa


 Huvadhoo Aid had conducted South Huvadhoo Youth Camp 2012 in Keramiththa,  an uninhabited islsnd in Gaaf Dhal Atoll. The camp was conducted in partnership with the NGO’s Huvadhoo Association for National Development, Nadella Island Development Society, Maldives Youth Action Network, South Huvadhoo Partnership, Huvadhoo Information Technology Centre, Uththara Boduberu Group and Hoadedhdhoo Island Development Society .The day was developed as a fun way to create a network amongst these organisations and their volunteers. The day was devised not only to build links amongst the volunteers but to provide a number workshops and sessions on Team Building, Leadership, Lifeskills and HIV/Aids. Continue reading

Huvadhoo Aid signed MOU with Sports Assocation of Hoadedhdhoo

Huvadhoo Aid had signed  a memorandum of understanding with Sports Association of Hoadedhdhoo (SAH)to assist SAH financially  for participatingin NASTHA FUTSAL CUP held in Thinadhoo. Assistant Executive Director Mr Ahmed Ameez signed the MOU on behalf of Huvadhoo Aid and Acting Vice Chairperson Mr. Mohamed Ayaz signed on behalf of SAH. Members of Huvadhoo Aid, SAH Board members and players of the team were presented in the ceremony held at Vaaruge cafe. Sports Association of Hoadedhdhoo is participating in the tournament as “Hoadedhoo Football Club” and it is the only team participated from islands other than the host island Thinadhoo.

Huvadhoo Aid had also assisted Sports Association in the Football coaching camp conducted in Hoadedhdhoo in 2010 by providing a UK football coach to Sports Association of Hoadedhdhoo.

Executive Director Mr. Imad Mohamed had been awarded the title and position of “Youth Good will Ambassador” of Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organisation.

Executive Director Mr. Imad Mohamed had been awarded the title and position of Youth Good will Ambassador of Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organisation. (SUNFO). The title and position was formally awarded by the Private Secretary of the Sri Lankan high commissioner to the Maldives. The title and position was awarded in a Special meeting called “Sri Lanka Maldives Forum – South Asian Peace Youth Camp introductory dialogue” held in SHE building to give information about the South Asian Peace Youth Camp to be held in Sri Lanka in December of this year. The Director General of SUNFO was also presented in the meeting. In addition to this a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Huvadhoo Aid and SUNFO to collaborate and assist each other. Continue reading

Huvadhoo Aid selected as the country focal point of South Asian Peace Youth Camp 2011 – Sri Lanka December 2011

Huvadhoo Aid had been selected as the country focal point of South Asian Peace Youth Camp to be held in Sri Lanka a from 20 December to 23 December 2011. Huvadhoo Aid’s Executive Director and the Vice President of Maldives NGO Federation was selected as the country coordinator for Maldives. The camp is organised by United Nations Friendship Organisation (SUNFO) together with National Youth Project, Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi. The main objectives of the camp are

  • To form a regional platform for young people to initiate collective actions.
  • To declare youth voices and aspirations as a South Asian Youth Declaration on Peace .
  • To educate and empower young people to be non-violence change makers of the society .
  • To facilitate exchange of ideas and sharing of techniques and practices on national regional and global peace.

After ending the camp , in order to experience local culture in Sri Lanka , home stay (optional) could be arranged in Sri Lankan homes in Negombo area for interested youth participants.

Participants from Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Pakistan could be arranged through respective Country Coordinators and does not require a registration fee. The selection procedures will be based on review and evaluation of your application/CV by the Management Committee  & Focal Point Heads

For more information go to the link

Workshop on Ensuring Youth Programmes and Youth Associations as Enablers for Crime Free Generation. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Three members from Huvadhoo Aid had participated “Workshop on Ensuring Youth Programmes and Youth Associations as Enablers for Crime Free Generation” organised by  International Youth Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. from 13 to 20 March 2011, Youth Leaders from 16 countries participated in the workshop and Minister of State Human Resource Youth and Sports Mr. Mohamed Rasheed Hussain participated as a special guest.

The workshop included presenting of country paper on crime situation and crime free strategies in respective countries. The country paper of Republic of Maldives was presented by Huvadhoo Aid’s Assistant Executive Director Mr. Mohamed Mauroof.  Also the workshop comprised of lecture sessions and institutional visits. The most important part of the workshop was formulating action plans to enable a crime free society.


Three members from Huvadhoo Aid will participate in Workshop on Ensuring Youth Programmes and Youth Associations as Enablers for Crime Free Generation

Three members from Huvadhoo Aid will be participating in “Workshop on Ensuring Youth Programmes and Youth Associations as Enablers for Crime Free Generation” from 13 to 20 March 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The workshop is organised by the International Youth Centre (IYC), Kuala Lumpur, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia and University Putra Malaysia (UPM) with cooperation from the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), World Youth Foundation (WYF), Asian Youth Council (AYC), Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation (CAYC) and the Malaysian Youth Council.

The main aim of this Workshop is to ensure that youth programmes contribute to prevent youth involvement in crime, while sharing ideas and experiences on how youth programmes can be empowered and strengthen. The workshop will also outline crime free strategies, determine the approaches and action plans to enable a crime free generation of society. Two members from Huvadhoo Aid had also participated in International conference on engaging youth in crime prevention organised by IYC in August 2010.


The annual Teen Futsal tournament conducted by Huvadhoo Aid had been completed. The tournament  which take place in the annual school holidays aims to improve the footballing skills of teenagers  at the same time targeting to socialise the teenagers to promote the leadership. This year a total of five teams competed in the tournament and matches were played in the league system. With maximum points  Beerafanna Sports Club and the second maximum points FC Benfica played in the final match. Beerafnna defeated FC Benifica by and Beerafanna Sports Club was crowned as the Champions of the tournament for the first time. Ali Hassan of FC Benfica was named as the player of the tournament.


Basic Fabric Painting course had begun in Nadella.  The course was inaugurated by Mr. Mohamed Mauroof, Aassistant Executive Director of Huvadhoo Aid.  Nadella Islan Development Society (NIDS) is  conducting the course under funding by Huvadhoo Aid. The funding was granted under the Huvadhoo Aid Civil Society Partnership programme. Huvadhoo Aid is assisting the NGOs based in Huvadhoo atoll financially and technically. More  partnership projects in different islands of huvadhoo atoll will take place in the future.


National Certificate 3 in Electrician course conducted by Huvadhoo Aid under TVET programme is being successfully completed. The course was held in Huvadhoo Aid Seminar Room . The course was aimed to equip the youth of Huvadhoo atoll with Technical and vocational skills . Out of 28 participants from Huvadhoo Atoll 24  participants secured the competency of Certificate 3