Donate to Huvadhoo Aid and support our work to promote good governance, empower women and youth, strengthen civil society sector and to protect environment. Our income relies solely on donor funding and private donations, and thus your contribution is vital and makes a real difference. Every little helps!

You can either donate

  • In person at our events
  • By bank transfer
  • By cheque (payable to “Huvadhoo Aid”, and send to HAD Building, Gaaf Dhaal Hoadedhdhoo Maldives)

If you wish to make a contribution to the organization through bank transfer , below are our bank details.

If in US Dollars to this account number: –

Account Number:     9999…
Account Name:         Huvadhoo Aid
Bank Name:               State Bank of India
Branch Address:       Male’ Branch

                                       H. Sunleet
                                       Boduthakurufaanu Magu
                                       Male’, Republic of Maldives
SWIFT Code:             MALBMVMV


If in Maldivian Rufiyaa to this account number: –

 Account Number:    7701 – …….
Account Name:        Huvadhoo Aid
Bank Name:              Bank of Maldives PLC
                                     1st & 3rd Floor, Bank of Maldives Building
                                     11, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male’, 20094, 
                                     Republic of Maldives 
SWIFT Code:            MALBMVMV

With much gratitude in advance!