Volunteer Programs

Our Volunteering Program provide opportunities for responsible and meaningful working holidays in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The program exists to constantly develop various parts of the rural community in order to attain basic needs, protect the environment and make island life even more worth living. Our fields of action include education, community development, medical placements, sports placements, cultural exchange and environmental conservation – and all that with an international twist. We work with each volunteer to design a program that is best suited to their skill level and interest while filling a need in the community.

Fun and enjoyment are part of the experience of course! During their stay, volunteers have plenty of time to enjoy the island life and on the weekends they can enjoy snorkeling and exploring the amazing coral reefs, have private island picnics, go fishing and relax on the pristine beaches.

At the same time we want our volunteers to benefit from their stay on our island as well. Therefore we welcome them warmly and introduce them to our culture. They shall have the experience of their lifetime as our thanks for their engagement towards the community.

Some of the volunteering placement we offer are given below.

Aerobics Instructor

Here in the Maldives, it can be difficult for women to get into a regular pattern of exercise. With constant housework and the looking after of children, many women relish the prospect of having some form of daily exercise routine. This is where you, as a trained aerobics instructor, will come in! Increased fitness, confidence, and community participation are just some of the benefits you’ll be providing to the local women. We require our aerobics volunteers to have some form of basic training in the area, a passion for meeting and empowering women and an energetic attitude.


Conservation is a matter of paramount importance in the Maldives. Many species such as endangered turtles and fish suffer from a lack of protection from both locals and tourists, and, without substantial action, there is a good chance that some of these species may become extinct. Working on a conservation placement, not only will you get to see many of these fascinating species on an up-close and regular basis, you’ll also be able to play a major role in enhancing their lives. Living on a tropical island and helping with the conservation of tropical species. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take up this dream role! Requirements for this role majorly revolve around having a passion for conservation. Previous experience is preferable but not essential. The major conservation assignments includes coral gardening, raising awareness on conservation in the community and Mangrove reforestation and management


Although a tropical island with the stereotypical ‘sun, sea and sand’, the Maldives is troubled by many personal issues amongst its communities. Working as a counselor, you’ll get the chance to help alleviate family issues, political dilemmas, and drug and alcohol addiction. Giving one-to-one sessions with individual clients, you’ll be able to make a real impact on people’s lives. As a human rights-oriented NGO, you’ll also get the chance to work with some of Huvadhoo Aids workshops, providing awareness and aid to the community. A counseling qualification is necessary for this role, alongside a passion for aiding the community. Expertise in human rights subjects such as drugs prevention and equality are preferable but not essential.

Environmental Awareness

The welfare of the environment in the Maldives is a supremely important issue, although it is often one that little is done about. Community awareness is generally low, with local people having no real knowledge of the dangers they face through issues such as climate change and waste management. Working as an environmentalist in the Maldives, your main duties will be the raising of the awareness of the local community. This may include giving presentations and designing materials such as leaflets and posters. Other activities may involve the liaising with councils on environmental matters and offering advice and guidance on the environmental effects of new developments and projects. A basic knowledge of the environment is required for this placement, but more important are a love for it and a passion for helping a community that is very much in danger from environmental problems. Some form of educational background in environment is desired but not necessary.

Grant Writer

With little financial aid from the Government, NGOs based in the Maldives rely on external funders to provide financial backing. To obtain this, proposals must be written and sent to convince these funding organizations why they should give their money. Many of the NGOs applying for funding are not completely competent or comfortable with writing proposals, largely because English is a second language here. As a grant writer, you will write proposals and assist with the application process at all levels. Grammatical and spell-checks will be required often, and help with the phrasing of sentences would be a great benefit to the NGOs. A passion for helping NGOs in less-developed countries in a must, and a good level of written and spoke English is necessary.

Medical Placements

Medical aid is not always readily available in the Maldives; many of the smaller islands often have only one doctor. This placement is ideal for medical students taking time out from their studies to gain practical experience abroad, or for qualified medics wishing to experience something different. Helping out at one of the local hospitals or health centers, you’ll be providing tangible and much-needed help to vulnerable communities. Medical experience is necessary for this placement, along with a desire to live on a tropical island whilst making a difference to people’s lives.

Sports Instructor

Sport plays a large role in many Maldivian’s lives; particularly football and volleyball, and the traditional sports of baibala and bashi. Volunteering in the Maldives as a sports instructor, you will be bringing your passion and expertise to a community with a huge love for sports. You will be providing the local community with more activities to benefit their lives. Fitness, happiness, and a distraction from the disadvantages of local life will be your primary gifts to the community. Knowledge of sports coaching is necessary, and formal qualifications are desired. You must also be passionate about sport!

Teaching Assistant

Working as an aid to teachers in either the pre-school or the secondary school, teaching assistant volunteers will be providing children in the Maldives with a chance at an improved education. Support with English will be one of the main duties of these volunteers, but support will also be given in whichever subject the volunteer has an interest or expertise in. This may include help with sporting events or classes on science or mathematics. A teaching qualification is required to work in the main school, but none is necessary for the pre-school. Passion for helping a tropical community, as always, is a must. This placement is ideal for those who either plan to become teachers in later life or want to experience something different first, and for those who simply want to make an impact on the lives of children.